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[2021.12.21] Happy birthday Seho, Mingwan, Jinho, and Sungwook!!!

[2021.12.21] A patent entitled Object detection method with rorational multi-pyramid network (10-2021-0183614, Korea) is applied for. Congrats DG!!!

[2021.10.01] A patent entitled Diagnostic apparatus for facilities of power transmission using unmanned aerial vehicle and method there of (10-2310900, Korea) is registered. Congrats San!!!

[2021.11.29] ADIP lab. has received research funding from the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) for the project titled “Development of Fire Detection and Protection System Wind Turbine”. This three-year project ($6,000K in total, $700K for HYU, 2021.11.01-2024.10.31) will be led by AnKug Engineering. In this project, ADIP laboratory will develop (1) a prognostics method for fire at core components in wind turbines and (2) a fire suppression system by addressing an advanced deep neural network and novel 3D mapping methods. This project will be carried out through collaboration with IIST, FILK, IAE, and etc.   

[2021.11.11] Achievement Award at the Korea Wind Energy Association: 

[2021.10.22] Young Scientist Award at Information and Control Society, the Korea Institute of Electrical Engineers: 

[2021.10.19] Article for ADIP lab in Hanyang News: 

[2021.09.10] Wonderful presentation of Siheon, Seho, and Jiwan at PHM Aasia Pacific 2021,  Jeju, Korea. Congrats!!!

[2021.09.10] Wonderful presentation of Min-Gwan at PHM Aasia Pacific 2021,  Jeju, Korea. This presentation is available below, Congrats!!!

PHM Korea 2021 발표자료_KMG.mp4

[2021.09.10] News for the RoMP Net in Cheers!!! 

Full article is available from 

[2021.09.02] Wonderful presentation of Eunji, Jun-Hyeong, Jinho at ISE 2021,  Jeju, Korea. Congrats!!!

[2021.08.19] Article entitled "Detailed modeling investigation of thermal runaway pathways of a lithium iron phosphate battery" has been accepted in International Journal of Energy Research (I.F: 5.164, JCR Top 1.471%). Congrats Eunji!!!

[2021.09.01] Article entitled "Rotational multipyramid network with bounding-box transformation for object detection" features at the front cover in International Journal of Intelligent System (I.F: 8.709, JCR Top 8.270%). Congrats Donggeun!!!

[2021.08.31] ADIP lab move our nest from CAU to HY. Best wishes for the BEST ADIP in the new nest!!!

[2021.08.05] Article entitled "Integrated Framework for SOH Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries Using Multiphysics Features" has been accepted in Energy (I.F: 7.147, JCR Top 4.170%). Congrats Seho!!!

[2021.07.16] Article entitled "GPU-oriented environment cognition of power transmission lines through LiDAR-equipped UAVs" has been accepted in IEEE Systems Journal (I.F: 3.931, JCR Top 22.890%). Congrats San!!!

[2021.06.29] A patent entitled Environment recognition apparatus using 3D LiDAR and Graphic Processing Unit and method thereof (10-2021-0085181, Korea) is applied for. Congrats San!!!

[2021.05.12] Article entitled "Rotational Multi-Pyramid Network with Bounding Box Transformation for Object Detection" has been accepted in International Journal of Intelligent System (I.F: 10.312, JCR Top 4.015%). Congrats Donggeun!!!

[2021.04.08] Prof. Oh receives "Excellent Research Award" from engineering school of Chung-Ang University. Cheers!!!

[2021.04.06] Patent entitled Apparatus estimating sag for power transmission line (10-2020-0056028, Korea) and Diagnostic apparatus for environmental infringement of power line (10-2021-0033262) are issued. Congrats Siheon!!!

[2021.03.25] ADIP lab. has received research funding from the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM) for the project titled “A study on Multiphysics-informed Nueral Nework (MPINN) for PHM”. In this three-year project ($270K, 2021.01.01-2023.12.31), ADIP laboratory led by Prof. Ki-Yong Oh will study Multiphysics-informed Neural Network (MPINN) with multiphysics modeling theories, which account for operational responses of machinery systems during a variety of operational conditions for PHM.  

[2021.03.23] Article entitled "Degradation pathways dependency of a lithium iron phosphate battery on temperature and compressive force" features at the front cover in International Journal of Energy Research (I.F: 3.741, JCR Top 1.471%). Congrats Jun-hyeong!!!

[2021.02.19] Article entitled "Vibration isolation of a surveillance system equipped in a drone with mode decoupling" has been accepted in Applied Science (I.F: 2.474, JCR Top 34.615%). Cheers!!!

[2021.02.17] Congrats for Master of Science, Eunji, Donggeun, San!!! Best wishes for your future!!!

[2021.01.11] Article entitled "A fast Monte-Carlo method to predict failure probability of offshore wind turbine caused by stochastic variations in soil" has been accepted in Ocean Engineering (I.F: 3.068, JCR Top 3.571%). Cheers!!!