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[2018.11.20] A patent entitled fire extinguishing module using drone and fire extinguishing apparatus including the same (10-2018-0143636, Korea) is applied for. Cheers!!!

[2018.11.14] A patent entitled apparatus estimating sag for power transmission line (10-2018-0139848, Korea) is applied for. Congrats, Siheon!!!

[2018.11.01] Demonstrate Drone-Lidar platform at BIXPO2018. Cheers!!!

[2018.10.12] Field tests: Drone-Ultrasound Camera platform (Good job for Donggeun and Siheon!!!)

[2018.10.08] A patent entitled high-rise building fire rescue system and rescue method using external mobile wireless repeater (10-2018-0119848, Korea) is applied for. Cheers!!!

[2018.10.02] The first research presentation of Siheon at 13th SDEWES, Palermo, Italy. Congrats!!!

[2018.07.14] The first membership training of ADIP lab. Cheers!!!

[2018.07.12] The first research presentation of Eunji at the KIEE summer conference 2018, Pyeongchang, Korea. Congrats!!!

[2018.07.02] Jun-hyeong joins ADIP lab. Congrats!!!

[2018.06.25] Article entitled "Evaluation and characterization of offshore wind resources with long-term met mast data corrected by wind LiDAR" has been accepted for publication in Renewable Energy (I.F: 4.900, JCR Top 19.697%) . Cheers!!!

[2018.06.08] New project entitled "Prognosis and optimal managements of LFP BESS based on an evolution of dynamic characteristics with a phenomenological health assessment model" is granted. Cheers!!!

[2018.06.01] Field tests: Drone-Corona Camera diagnostic system (Good job for Donggeun and San!!!)

Drone_Corona Camera_20180601_2.mp4

[2018.02.27] We are happy!!!

[2018.02.20] Happy birthday, Eunji!!!