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[2019.12.23] Congrats for Dusue's final defense for M.S. degree!!! Happy birthday to San, Seho, and Mingwan!!!

[2019.12.23] Mingwan Kim joins ADIP lab. Congrats!!!

[2019.11.07] Nice presentation of Eunji, Dusue, Jun-Hyeong at the KECS fall conference 2019, Yeosu, Korea. Congrats!!!

[2019.10.28] ADIP lab. has received research funding from the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) for the project titled “Source technology development of an autonomous flight for a drone to inspect a ultrahigh voltage power transmission facility ”. This three-year project ($770K in total, 2020.03.01-2023.02.28) will be led by Prof. Ki-Yong Oh and develop source technology of autonomous flight for a drone to enhance the efficient of inspection for a ultrahigh voltage power transmission facility. It will be carried out through collaboration with Prof. Sang Hoon Kang (MANE at UNIST) and Prof. Cheolhyeon Kwon (MANE at UNIST). 

[2019.09.25] Jun-hyeong Kim and Seho Son are awarded for excellence researches at energy conference@CAU. Congrats!!!

[2019.09.23] Article entitled "Method of operating a GIS-based autopilot drone to inspect ultrahigh voltage power lines and its field tests" has been accepted in Journal of Field Robotics (I.F: 4.345, JCR Top 21.150%) . Cheers!!!

[2019.09.18] A patent entitled diagnostic apparatus for environmental infringement of power line (10-2019-0114773, Korea) is applied for. Congrats, Siheon!!!

[2019.09.06] Best Paper Award at the IDDP conference 2019, Daejeon, Korea. Congrats!!!

(title: Diagnosis and monitoring method for power transmission lines by using a Drone-Lidar Platform authored by S. Jeong, D. Kim, S. Kim, and K.-Y. Oh)

[2019.08.26] Best Paper Award at the 3rd international conference on vision, image and signal processing , Vancouver, Canada. Congrats!!! (title: Automatic inspection drone system with auto-tracking camera cymbal to detect defects in power transmission lines authored by J.-Y. Kim, S.-T. Kim, J.-K. Lee, J.-W. Ham, and K.-Y. Oh)

[2019.07.24] Nice presentation of the drone team at the PHMAP 2019, Beijing, China. Congrats!!!

[2019.07.02] A patent entitled diagnostic apparatus for facilities of power transmission using unmanned aerial vehicle and method thereof (10-2019-0079383, Korea) is applied for. Congrats, San!!!

[2019.05.20] Article entitled "Evolution of microstructure and mechanical characteristics in rejuvenation of a hot gas pass component of a gas turbine by heat treatment and HIP" has been published in Korean Journal of Metals and Materials (I.F: 1.518, JCR Top 36.670%) . Cheers!!!

[2019.04.11] Invited talk at the PHM Korea 2019, Seoul, Korea (title: Mobility in PHM: diagnosis and prognosis of power transmission lines)

[2019.04.11] The first research presentation of San at the PHM Korea 2019, Seoul, Korea. Congrats!!!

[2019.04.01] Seho Son joins ADIP lab. Congrats!!!

[2019.03.31] Article entitled "Contribution of high mechanical fatigue to gas turbine blade lifetime during steady-state operation " has been published in Coatings (I.F: 2.350, JCR Top 23.680%) . Cheers!!!

[2019.02.20] Congrats for graduation of B.S., Siheon, Eunji, Donggeun, San!!! Best wishes for your study and future!!!

[2019.01.16-17] A field trip:  Global research center of KIER and Tamna offshore wind farm