Applied Dynamics &

Intelligent Prognosis Laboratory

Welcome to Applied Dynamics & Intelligent Prognosis Lab!

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Our research group is located in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Hanyang University. Our goal is enhancing the safety and reliability of complex energy systems and developing clean and sustainable energy sources. We blend novel core technologies in the 4th industrial revolution to fundamental theories and mechanics. The research themes focus on not only Artificial Intelligence and Mobility leading Industry 4.0 but also PHM (Prognostics and Heath Management), applied dynamics, and signal processing.

Specific research interests include:

  • Mobility toward PHM

  • Artificial Intelligence toward PHM

  • Characterizing, modeling, and predicting complex dynamics

  • Predicting evolution of dynamic responses

with application fields of energy storage systems, power facilities, and renewable energy sources.

Positions are available for graduate research assistants and undergraduate internship. Highly motivated and dedicated students can contact Prof. Oh (